An react native button component by jsx

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import reactNativeEasyFloatingButton from '';



npm downloads


Getting started

$ npm install react-native-easy-floating-button --save


Check example in the folder.

$ cd example
$ npm install
$ react-native run-ios



edit your project root view,like this(detail please see example):

import {GlobalFloatButton} from from 'react-native-easy-floating-button';

let menu = [
        {name : 'notice', image : require('./notice_v2.png'), action : 'vt://notice/view'},
        {name : 'customer', image : require('./customer_v2.png'), action : ''},
        {name : 'attendance', image : require('./kaoqing_v2.png'), action : ''},
        {name : 'sales', image : require('./memberManage.png'), action : ''},
        {name : 'approval', image : require('./shenpi_v2.png'), action : ''},
        {name : 'add', image : ‘’, action : 'add', allowEdit : false} // allowEdit默认为true,为false时不可长按删除

    buttonInitializeLeft={0} // 按钮初始化距离left位置
    buttonInitializeTop={400} // 按钮初始化距离top位置
    menus={menu} // 菜单数组
 />; //显示
 GlobalFloatButton.dismiss(); // 隐藏
 GlobalFloatButton.addMenuButton(button,index); //添加按钮,index可选,默认最后追加
 GlobalFloatButton.removeMenuButton(index); //移除按钮
 GlobalFloatButton.replaceMenuButton(buttonArr); //替换所有按钮
 GlobalFloatButton.getMenus(); //获取所有按钮数据


single page usage

import {FloatButton} from from 'react-native-easy-floating-button';
    buttonInitializeLeft={0} // 按钮初始化距离left位置
    buttonInitializeTop={400} // 按钮初始化距离top位置
    menuOffsetY={-50} // 菜单Y轴偏移量,负数往上移动
    menus={menu} // 菜单数组,和GlobalFloatButton一样
    moveRange={{width : 320,height:480}} // 可移动范围,对应父视图的宽高
    onClickButton={(index,data)=>{}} // 点击了某个按钮
    onRemoveButton={(index,data)=>{}} // 删除了某个按钮


Prop Default Type Description
buttonInitializeLeft 0 number Initializes the left position of the button
buttonInitializeTop 0 number Initializes the top position of the button
buttonSize 60 number button size
buttonImage null image image style button, require('./image.png') or {uri : 'http://'}
buttonView null view custom button view ,View componment
moveRange {width : screenW,height : screenH} object button can move range
title null string menu top title
titleStyle style menu top title style
backgroundColor rgba(0,0,0,0) string menu container background color
menuWidth screenW - 60 number menu default with
menuHeight screenW - 60 number menu default height
menuOffsetY 0 number menu offsety
menuBackgroundColor rgba(0,0,0,0.9) string menu background color
menuButtonImageStyle style menu button image style
menuButtonTextStyle style menu button text style
menuButtonDeleteImage null image menu button right top delete image
menus array menu array
withoutMenu false bool only floating button,none menu
numberOfRow 3 number menu page number of row
numberOfColumn 3 number menu page number of column
clickAutoDismiss true bool on click menu button, close menu
moveEnable true bool button is allow move
autoAdsorption true bool whether the button automatically approaches the edge
deleteAnimate true bool is show delete animated
onClickButton func on click button
onRemoveButton func on remove button


static show()

static dismiss(text, extraTop, bkColor)

static addMenuButton(button, index)


Name Type default Description optional
button object null botton data NO
index number -1 button index YES

static removeMenuButton(index)


Name Type default Description optional
index number button index YES

static replaceMenuButton(buttonArr)


Name Type default Description optional
buttonArr array replace buttons NO

static getMenus()

static onClickButton(callback)


Name Type default Description optional
callback func on click button callback NO

static onRemoveButton(callback)


Name Type default Description optional
callback func on remove button callback NO