A simple and fully customizable React Native component that implements an Image Slider with text UI.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import reactNativeImageSliderTextBox from '';




  1. First, install our library | use below npm script

    npm i react-native-image-slider-with-text

    yarn add react-native-image-slider-with-text

Usage :

list of available props for customization SliderBox:

Props Value Type Description
ImageComponent Image component, default as Image default value is React-native Image, if you use third-party library like FastImage use this property
images Array of image path(or url) as string Set array of images path- these paths can contain http url link or local images path using require('./pathOfImage')
onCurrentImagePressed handler function callback callback for get pressed image index (index start from 0)
currentImageEmitter handler function callback callback for get current image index (index start from 0)
disableOnPress boolean if present, then onCurrentImagePressed will be disabled
sliderBoxHeight int value default value = 200, you can change height of image slider box
parentWidth int default = screen.width ; in advance mode, if parent is smaller, you can change it. best practice is use onLayout handler in parent component or screen.
dotColor color string code change color of paging dot
inactiveDotColor color string code change color of inactive paging dot
dotStyle style object default style is : {width: 10,height: 10,borderRadius: 5,marginHorizontal: 0,padding: 0,margin: 0,} change style of paging dots if you want
paginationBoxVerticalPadding int value default = 10 ; change the height of paging dots from bottom of Slider-Box
autoplay bool value default = false
circleLoop boolean - attribute if set, when user swiped to last image circularly return to the first image again.
paginationBoxStyle object,default values use lib style customize pagination box
dotStyle object,default use lib style customize dot styles
resizeMethod string default is resize
resizeMode string default is cover
ImageComponentStyle object {} style object for ImageComponent
imageLoadingColor string default is #E91E63 , image loading indicator color
ImageLoader React component, default as ActivityIndicator default value is React-native ActivityIndicator.
firstItem number default is 0 , index of image to display when slider box loads


const banners=[{'img':'imagestring','buttonText':'buttonText ','title':'title1'},
                  {'img':'imagestring2','buttonText':'buttonText ','title':'title3'},
                  {'img':'imagestring3','buttonText':'buttonText ','title':'title3'}]

          onCurrentImagePressed={index => {console.log('index')}}



This library use react-native-image-slider-box and make easier way to create image slider box with full customization ability.

See original Library

we dont edit or modify original library, we just use it with some additional style. (BSD 3 License)