This package allows the user to use different colours to display multiple items in a single linear progress bar

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import reactNativeMulticolorProgressBar from '';



Progress indicators


SC Image


npm install react-native-multicolor-progress-bar --save


import {ProgressBar} from 'react-native-multicolor-progress-bar';

     color: 'red',
     value: 0.4,
     nameToDisplay: "40%"
     color: 'blue',
     value: 0.6,
     opacity: 0.5

Properties for progress component

Prop DataType Description Default
parentViewStyle styles Change the styling of the container view {alignItems:'stretch'}
backgroundBarStyle styles Change the styling of base progress bar {alignItems:'stretch',backgroundColor: '#EFF1F5',borderRadius: 8.5,height: 12}
onStartProgressStyle styles Change the border radius of starting progress bar {borderTopLeftRadius: 8.5,borderBottomLeftRadius: 8.5}
onEndProgressStyle styles Change the border radius of ending progress bar if it reaches the end of base progress bar {borderTopRightRadius: 8.5,borderBottomRightRadius: 8.5}
arrayOfProgressObjects array of Objects Contains the progress objects. []
onPress function if provided, this function will be called if the user taps on the progress bar undefined
textStyle styles styling of the text displayed in each coloured progress bar {fontSize:10}

Progress Object

Key DataType Value
color string color of the progress object
opacity number opacity of the progress object
nameToDisplay string if exists, displays this on the progress
value number ranging from 0 - 1 value of the progress

Example project bundled with this module