react-native starter kit

Usage no npm install needed!

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react-native skeleton

This skeleton is forged with the greatest libraries available to provide a pretty awesome kickstart for your new react-native app.


  • Navigation
  • Themes
  • Data Handling
  • API Backend
  • Metrics


  • Get the project git clone MyNewApp
  • Install npm dependencies npm install
  • Install pods cd ios && pod install you need cocoapods for this to work


There are some dependencies which you need on your system

Everything else gets installed via npm install and pod install

Here is a list of key dependencies. You can find all the other packages in the package.json

Getting Started

  • Install dependencies
  • Rename your app
  • Build and Run


Comments, Issues and Pull Requests are welcomed!


  • Monitoring via reactotron #1
  • Commands and templates which help to create components, actions and reducers faster #2