A starter template for building a module in TypeScript and publishing to NPM

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import reactNativeSmartText from '';



Install via npm:

 npm install react-native-smart-text --save


To use in React Native. Import:

 import { SmartText, LightText } from 'react-native-smart-text';

Smart Text

The <SmartText /> component contains a number of abilities:

  1. Emoji πŸ˜„πŸ₯ΆπŸ€― it uses node-emoji under the hood (e.g. 'I love it when you :grin:')
  2. Markdown support for italics and bold (e.g. for *italics*, for **bold**)
  3. Nested text support e.g. <SmartText size={12} color='black'>My nested <SmartText bold>test!</SmartText></SmartText> where parent props will be inherited by children.

Light Text

The <LightText /> componnet takes all the same props as <SmartText /> but has no abilities! This component can be used to enjoy all the benefits of easy styling and positioning without any of the extra code or processing which comes with <SmartText />.

  • You can also nest LightText in a SmartText: <SmartText size={12} color='black'>My nested <LightText bold>test!</LightText></SmartText>


Prop Type Optional
size number Yes
color string Yes
bold boolean Yes
italic boolean Yes
underline boolean Yes
strikethrough boolean Yes
align string Yes
lineHeight number Yes
family string Yes
opacity number Yes
style object Yes
m, mh, mv, ml, mr, mt, mb number Yes
p, ph, pv, pl, pr, pt, pb number Yes



This project is licensed under the MIT License