React Native Starter Kit with Redux - crossplatform for iOS and Android

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React Native starter kit - offline-first architecture proposal for iOS/Android application
Functionality are grouped by modules and can be easily scaled

Example application contains three different pages, navigation between them + loader and async tasks simulation


  • redux - Flux implementation
  • redux-thunk - middleware for async stuff
  • react-native-router-flux - simple, scalable, configurable router for React Native
  • fbjs - provides @providesModule directive for simpler dependency management
  • redux-persist - stores redux state in ReactNative AsyncStorage


  • Root actions.js file groups all actions to avoid relative dependencies mess.
  • commonStyles.js stores all common styles to make it simplier to avoid duplication in presentational components
  • Implements offline-first approach - store redux state in ReactNative AsyncStorage
  • After Reload if user was authentificated - opens directly HomePage, otherwise LoginPage

Plans to add:

  • Tests setup with mocha + sinon + chai