Shim for React Native WebRTC to support React Native Web

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App Tests

Add react-native-web support to a react-native-webrtc app.

This library has interoperability tests for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. View the KITE Dashboard.


This library assumes you have an existing React Native application using react-native-webrtc.


Install via npm or yarn

npm install react-native-webrtc-web-shim


Replace Imports

Replace the import statement of react-native-webrtc to import from react-native-webrtc-web-shim instead.

-import { RTCPeerConnection } from 'react-native-webrtc';
+import { RTCPeerConnection } from 'react-native-webrtc-web-shim';

Change WebRTC Code


When displaying the RTCView component, pass it the stream object as a prop instead of streamURL. On Web, this component renders an HTML5 video tag.


Track Listener

Add an ontrack listener to your RTCPeerConnection object, similar to the onaddstream listener.

// existing code, keep this for native support
webRtcPeer.onaddstream = async ({ stream }) =>
  await addVideo(sessionId, stream);

// add an ontrack listener for web support
webRtcPeer.ontrack = async ({ track, streams }) => {
  if (track.kind === 'video') {
    await addVideo(sessionId, streams[0]);


Local Build

Fork and clone the repository and run:

npm link

If you run npm install, it will install the peer-dependencies. Due to this React issue, you will need to link react in this project and your application.

cd node_modules/react
npm link
cd ../../MyApp
npm link react