A simple react component for adding a star rating to your project.

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React Simple Rating

A simple react component for adding a star rating to your project.

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npm i react-simple-star-rating


yarn add react-simple-star-rating


import React, { useState } from 'react'
import { Rating } from 'react-simple-star-rating'

export default function MyComponent() {
  const [rating, setRating] = useState(0) // initial rating value

  // Catch Rating value
  const handleRating = (rate: number) => {
    // other logic

  return (
    <div className='App'>
      <Rating onClick={handleRating} ratingValue={rating} /* Available Props */ />

Available Props

Prop Type Options Description Default
ratingValue number Required Rating value passed from the Rating component -
onClick function Optional Handles the returned rating value -
initialValue number Optional Set initial value (needed to reset the value) 0
iconsCount number Optional Number of the icons 5
size number Optional Icon width / height in px 25
readonly boolean Optional Readonly mode false
fillColor string Optional Full icons color #f1a545
fillColorArray array Optional Array of string to add color range []
emptyColor string Optional Empty icons color #cccccc
fullIcon ReactElement Optional Custom full icon SVG null
emptyIcon ReactElement Optional Custom empty icon SVG null
customIcons array of object Optional Add a group of icons []
rtl boolean Optional RTL mode false
allowHalfIcon boolean Optional Enable a fractional icon (half icon) false
allowHover boolean Optional Enable / Disable hover effect true
transition boolean Optional Adds a transition effect on mouse hover false
className string Optional Applied to the main span react-simple-star-rating
style CSSProperties Optional Inline style applied to the main span basic style
fullClassName string Optional Applied to the filled icon span filled-icons
emptyClassName string Optional Applied to the empty icon span empty-icons
fullStyle CSSProperties Optional Inline style applied to filled icon span basic style
emptyStyle CSSProperties Optional Inline style applied to empty icon span basic style
showTooltip string Optional Show a tooltip with live values false
tooltipDefaultText string Optional Initial tooltip text if no rating value Your Rate
tooltipArray array Optional Array of strings to show inside tooltip []
tooltipClassName string Optional Tooltip CSS class rating-tooltip
tooltipStyle CSSProperties Optional Inline style applied to the tooltip span basic style

Migrate to v4

  1. Old props changes
old new changes
stars iconsCount Renamed
children inline props Removed
  1. Remove RatingView Component, now you can use readonly prop instead

  2. Custom SVG, You can use your own SVG now as a inline props fullIcon | emptyIcon | customIcons. See all available props above


See all demos and usage examples in action.

Edit react-simple-rating-ts


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