React provider for web monetization

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React Web Monetization

React module that lets you access the state of Web Monetization


This repo contains several usage examples in example/. To host the site and view the examples, run:

cd example
npm install
npm start

Then go to http://localhost:3000.


Enabling Web Monetization

You will still need to insert the Web Monetization meta tag into your document's <head>. This should be done in the HTML file that react renders into, not in React.

For a specification of this meta tag, see Interledger RFC 0028

Web Monetization State Hook

This hook will update when the first web-monetization micropayment occurs on the page and the state goes from pending to started.

import React from 'react'
import { useMonetizationState } from 'react-web-monetization'

const MyMessage = props => {
  const monetization = useMonetizationState()

  return <p>
    {monetization.state === 'stopped' && 'Stopped'}
    {monetization.state === 'pending' && 'Loading...'}
    {monetization.state === 'started' && 'Thanks for supporting our site!'}
    {!monetization.state && 'Sign up for Coil to support our site!'}

export default MyMessage

Web Monetization Counter Hook

This hook will update on each web-monetization micropayment that occurs. It tracks a running total for how much has been paid out to the page.

You should only use this hook if you're updating on every micropayment. If you only need a boolean on whether or not payment is happening, use useMonetizationState

import React from 'react'
import { useMonetizationCounter } from 'react-web-monetization'

const MyCounter = props => {
  const monetization = useMonetizationCounter()

  return <p>
    {(monetization.totalAmount / (10 ** monetization.assetScale)).toFixed(monetization.assetScale)}

export default MyCounter

Web Monetization Conditional Components

Web Monetization Conditional Components allow you to wrap react components so that they display if Web Monetization is enabled/disabled/pending.

They're intended for simple situations where you don't want to write the same code using hooks over and over. Their functionality can easily be replicated by using the Web Monetization State hook.

See an example of their usage here.

import React from 'react'
import { IfWebMonetized } from 'react-web-monetization'

const MyMessage = props => {
  return <IfWebMonetized>
    <p>Thanks for supporting me!</p>
import React from 'react'
import { IfNotWebMonetized } from 'react-web-monetization'

const MyMessage = props => {
  return <IfNotWebMonetized>
    <p>Please support me with Web Monetization!</p>

Init Global Web Monetization State

Sometimes you don't load in any monetization hooks at page load, but you want to start listening for web monetization events anyways. You can use the initGlobalWebMonetizationState function to force the module to start listening for global web monetization events.

import React from 'react'
import { initGlobalWebMonetizationState } from 'react-web-monetization'