ReactJS based reusable component for Image upload with cropping.

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ReactJS - Image Crop Upload

ReactJS based reusable component for Image upload with cropping.

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Browser Support

Chrome Firefox Safari Edge IE
83.0 ✔ 77.0 ✔ 13.1.1 ✔ 83.0 ✔ 11.9 ✔


Getting started

Install the npm package:

npm install react-weblineindia-image-crop-upload
yarn add react-weblineindia-image-crop-upload
import React from 'react'
import AvatarEditor from 'react-weblineindia-image-crop-upload'
class MyEditor extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
        color={[255, 255, 255, 0.6]}
export default MyEditor

Available Props

Prop Type Description
image String The URL of the image to use, or a File (e.g. from a file input).
width Number The total width of the editor.
height Number The total height of the editor.
border Number The cropping border. Image will be visible through the border, but cut off in the resulting image. Treated as horizontal and vertical borders when passed an array.
borderRadius Number The cropping area border radius.
color Number[] The color of the cropping border, in the form: [red (0-255), green (0-255), blue (0-255), alpha (0.0-1.0)].
style Object Styles for the canvas element.
scale Number The scale of the image. You can use this to add your own resizing slider.
position Object The x and y co-ordinates (in the range 0 to 1) of the center of the cropping area of the image. Note that if you set this prop, you will need to keep it up to date via onPositionChange in order for panning to continue working.
rotate Number The rotation degree of the image. You can use this to rotate image (e.g 90, 270 degrees).
crossOrigin String The value to use for the crossOrigin property of the image, if loaded from a non-data URL. Valid values are "anonymous" and "use-credentials". See this page for more information.
className String String[]
onLoadFailure(event) function Invoked when an image (whether passed by props or dropped) load fails.
onLoadSuccess(imgInfo) function Invoked when an image (whether passed by props or dropped) load succeeds.
onImageReady(event) function Invoked when the image is painted on the canvas the first time.
onMouseUp() function Invoked when the user releases their mouse button after interacting with the editor.
onMouseMove(event) function Invoked when the user hold and moving the image.
onImageChange() function Invoked when the user changed the image. Not invoked on the first render, and invoked multiple times during drag, etc.
onPositionChange() function Invoked when the user pans the editor to change the selected area of the image. Passed a position object in the form { x: 0.5, y: 0.5 } where x and y are the relative x and y coordinates of the center of the selected area.
disableBoundaryChecks Boolean Set to true to allow the image to be moved outside the cropping boundary.
disableHiDPIScaling Boolean Set to true to disable devicePixelRatio based canvas scaling. Can improve perfermance of very large canvases on mobile devices.

Want to Contribute?

  • Created something awesome, made this code better, added some functionality, or whatever (this is the hardest part).
  • Fork it.
  • Create new branch to contribute your changes.
  • Commit all your changes to your branch.
  • Submit a pull request.

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Detailed changes for each release are documented in


react-weblineindia-image-crop-upload is inspired by the react-avatar-editor.




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