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Rec Room

Rec Room is a Node.js utility belt you can wear to build client side web apps. It includes:

  • Brick to add components like appbars and buttons to your UI.
  • Ember for your app's controllers, models, and views.
  • Handlebars to write your app's templates.
  • Grunt to run the tasks for your app, including building for production.
  • I18n.js to localize your app.
  • Mocha to test your app.
  • Sass to write your CSS.
  • Yeoman to scaffold new code for your app's models and templates.

Rec Room is a work-in-progress; please file bugs and we will work to fix them, but also expect errors as it is still very much in-flux!


You need Node.js installed. Then just run:

npm install -g recroom

To get the recroom binary installed on your system.


Create a new app

Create a new Rec Room app using recroom new app-name. The app will be created in a new folder inside the current directory.

Run your app

You can run your skeleton app right away in a web browser using recroom serve.

TODO: Have a way to enable recroom run building the app in dist/ and launching it in the B2G Simulator. See bugs: 1039978, 1000993, and 1035185.

Build your app

recroom build will compile the distributable build of your app to the dist/ folder in your project. This version includes the production version of some libraries (like the production build of Ember, which--for example--includes less debug output in the console) and heavily minifies your source files (including minifying your HTML).

Deploy your app

You can deploy your app to GitHub Pages using recroom deploy.


Sass: Recroom uses node-sass, which handles Sass compilation with libsass. Libsass is currently lacking some of the latest features from the popular Sass Ruby Gem. See Reporting Sass compilation and syntax issues