Magical gzip/gunzip on calls to setz(), getz(), mgetz()

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Automatically gzip and gunzip on calls to new methods: setz, getz, mgetz


var redz = require('redis-gzip');
var redis = require('redis');

var client = redz(redis.createClient());

client.setz('zkey', 'z nice long value that shall be compressed with gzip', function (err, result) {
    client.getz('zkey', function (err, result) {



redz = require('redis-gzip')

Get a reference to the module

client = redz(redisClient)

  • redisClient: the redis client to which you want to add gzip functions

client.setz(key, val, cb)

Store a key/value pair to redis where the value is first gzipped

  • key: the key name where you want to store val
  • val: the value that will be stored compressed
  • cb(err, result): called when gzipped saved to redis

client.getz(key, cb)

Get a value from redis and gunzip it before returning it

  • key: the key whose value you want to retrieve
  • cb(err, result): called with gunzipped results from redis

client.mgetz(keys, cb)

Get multiple values based on multiple keys from redis. Each value is gunzipped before being returned

  • keys: array: an array of keys whose values are to be returned
  • cb(err, result):
    • err: an error message from redis or gunzip if any
    • result: array: gunzipped values for each of the requested keys