Make communication actions and reducers for redux

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Make communication actions and reducers for redux


This library provides tools for creating and managing actions and reducers to manage your state when accessing a third-party server or a backend server. The created state provides a flag for processing the status of the request, showing its error if there is one. Based on this state, you can display the process of client communication with the server.

How it looks like without a library

Action creators

const fetchDeposit = (data) => {
  type: 'FETCH_DEPOSIT',
  payload: { data },
const fetchDepositSuccess = (data) => {
  payload: { data },
const fetchDepositFail = (error) => {
  payload: { error },
// We use redux-thunk for example
export const getDeposit = id => {
  return function(dispatch, getState) {
    return fetch(`${id}`)
      .then(data => data.json())
      .then(data => {
        if (data.message === 'Not Found') {
          throw new Error('No such deposit found!');
      .catch(error => dispatch(fetchDepositFail(error)));


const depositReducer = (state, action) => {
  return (state = initial, action) => {
    switch (action.type) {
        return { state: actions.payload };
      case 'FETCH_DEPOSIT_FAIL':
        return { state: actions.error };
      default: return state;

Go to usage to see an example of our solution


npm install redux-make-communication --save
yarn add redux-make-communication


The library allows you to formalize and typify the management of your actions, encapsulating the logic of creating actions and reducers. makeCommunicationActionCreators(string, string, string) - a function that takes action(execute, success, fail) types and returns communication action creators (executeAction, successAction, failAction).

makeCommunicationReducer('' | { string, boolean }) - a function that takes action types(execute, success, fail) and an initial state for the reducer


Create action creators with makeCommunicationActionCreators

import { makeCommunicationActionCreators } from 'redux-make-communication';
import * as NS from './namespace';

export const { execute: fetchDeposit, success: fetchDepositSuccess, fail: fetchDepositFail } =
  makeCommunicationActionCreators<NS.IFetchDeposit, NS.IFetchDepositSuccess, NS.IFetchDepositFail>(

each action creator accepts an optional argument payload that can be typed using the types in the library

IPlainAction<T>     // T - action type
IAction<T, P>       // T - action type, P - payload
IPlainFailAction<T, E = string>   // T - action type, E - error
IFailAction<T, P, E = string>     // T - action type, E - error, P - payload

type IFetchDeposit = IPlainAction<'FETCH_DEPOSIT'>;
type IFetchDepositSuccess = IAction<'FETCH_DEPOSIT_SUCCESS', IDeposit>;
type IFetchDepositFail = IPlainFailAction<'FETCH_DEPOSIT_FAIL'>;

Create redux state with makeCommunicationReducer

import { makeCommunicationReducer } from 'redux-make-communication';
import initial from './initial';
import * as NS from './namespace';

export const depositReducer = {
  depositFetching: makeCommunicationReducer<NS.IFetchDeposit, NS.IFetchDepositSuccess, NS.IFetchDepositFail>(

the created state branch looks like

ICommunication {
  isRequesting: boolean;
  error: string;