GUI for NPM Package Managing!

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Remallow - NPM / React Package Manager

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GUI for React Package Managing!

Its a simple graphical user interface tool for manage your package.json or npm package. You can search, install and delete your npm packages with terminal commands.Developed espicially for react projects.


You need to install it globally using npm

npm install -g remallow

Note: make sure you have install all packages in your project using npm or yarn

Validate Installation

Now Remallow package is globally installed in your local machine and you can use it anywhere inside your local machine.

To validate your installation just type this command

remallow --test


Open Terminal and navigate to your npm or react project where your package.json is located and type

cd ./react-npm-project        // navigate to your project where your package.json is located
remallow                     // run this command



  • Code Coverage
  • yarn support
  • improve API
  • Integration Testing
  • showing Actual lock file version
  • adding more functionality to npm
  • Improve tests and coverage
  • Improve performance

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Released under MIT by @yokesharun.