A template for creating a new Remix Auth strategy.

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Remix Auth - Strategy Template

A template for creating a new Remix Auth strategy.

If you want to create a new strategy for Remix Auth, you could use this as a template for your repository.

The repo installs the latest version of Remix Auth and do the setup for you to have tests, linting and typechecking.

How to use it

  1. In the package.json change name to your strategy name, also add a description and ideally an author, repository and homepage keys.
  2. In src/index.ts change the MyStrategy for the strategy name you want to use.
  3. Implement the strategy flow inside the authenticate method. Use this.success and this.failure to correctly send finish the flow.
  4. In tests/index.test.ts change the tests to use your strategy and test it. Inside the tests you have access to jest-fetch-mock to mock any fetch you may need to do.
  5. Once you are ready, set the secrets on Github
    • NPM_TOKEN: The token for the npm registry
    • GIT_USER_NAME: The you want the bump workflow to use in the commit.
    • GIT_USER_EMAIL: The email you want the bump workflow to use in the commit.


  • build: Build the project for production using the TypeScript compiler (strips the types).
  • typecheck: Check the project for type errors, this also happens in build but it's useful to do in development.
  • lint: Runs ESLint againt the source codebase to ensure it pass the linting rules.
  • test: Runs all the test using Jest.


To facilitae creating a documentation for your strategy, you can use the following Markdown

# Strategy Name

<!-- Description -->

## Supported runtimes

| Runtime    | Has Support |
| ---------- | ----------- |
| Node.js    | ✅          |
| Cloudflare | ✅          |

<!-- If it doesn't support one runtime, explain here why -->

## How to use

<!-- Explain how to use the strategy, here you should tell what options it expects from the developer when instantiating the strategy -->