Renovate preset for Uber

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This defines the renovate configuration for all Web repositories at Uber.

For more information see the renovate configuration options here:

Current rules

This is a list of our current rules and justification for why we enable each rule.

"extends": ["config:base"]

Gets all of the defaults from:

"automerge": true, "automergeType": "pr"

Attempt automerging if tests pass. This currently doesn't work on the majority of our repositories as we have branch protection enabled.

"pinVersions": false,

We don't pin dependencies by default as the majority of our code are libraries. We pin devDependencies for deterministic builds and tests.

"prConcurrentLimit": 1

Concurrency is limited to 1 until automerging is fully working. If this is set to unlimited PRs will tend to pile-up and cause a lot of noise in the repo. This also saves us on machine time for running tests as there's a lot less auto-rebase work happening.