Package auto-installer for dev environments

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Requiry checks process.env.NODE_ENV, and if you are in a "dev" environment, it will auto-install packages when you require packages that are not installed.


In your project directory, run:

npm i --save requiry

Getting Started

To use Requiry, you simply need to require it, then require a package which may or may not be installed.


var something = require('something');

If you run your application without specifying an environment, or specifying an environment other than "dev", the require function will operate as usual, triggering a MODULE_NOT_FOUND error if something isn't installed. However, if you run in "dev" mode, it will install something for you.

NODE_ENV=dev node app



You can make requiry use a custom logger by passing it in.


If you would like to disable Requiry, even in "dev" mode, you can call requiry.enable(false).