Raven adapter for Sails / Waterline

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Provides easy access to RavenDB from Sails.js & Waterline. Currently a work in progress, see the #Status section below for more detail.

This module is a Waterline/Sails adapter, an early implementation of a rapidly-developing, tool-agnostic data standard. Its goal is to provide a set of declarative interfaces, conventions, and best-practices for integrating with all sorts of data sources. Not just databases-- external APIs, proprietary web services, or even hardware.

Strict adherence to an adapter specification enables the (re)use of built-in generic test suites, standardized documentation, reasonable expectations around the API for your users, and overall, a more pleasant development experience for everyone.


To install this adapter, run in your sails project root folder:

$ npm install sails-raven


$ node _cleanup.js && npm test
// Config sample: connections.js
module.exports.connections = {
  ravenDbServer: {
    adapter: 'sails-raven',
    host: '',
    database: 'SomeProjectDatabase',
    port: 8080

Development Status

  • WIP - Completing the base adapter implementation for common CRUD operations
  • TODO - Create the queryable interface
  • TODO - Map the queryable interface against lucene/RavenDB HTTP API
  • TODO - Implement more features of the Models.Attributes Waterline API
  • TODO - Create RavenDB indexes based on the Model Schema



Sails is free and open-source under the MIT License.