Unlimited shelljs commands with ES6 proxies

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ShellJS Exec Proxy

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Unleash the power of unlimited ShellJS commands... with ES6 Proxies!

Do you like ShellJS, but wish it had your favorite commands? Skip the weird exec() calls by using shelljs-exec-proxy:

// Our goal: make a commit: `$ git commit -am "I'm updating the \"foo\" module to be more secure"`
// Standard ShellJS requires the exec function, with confusing string escaping:
shell.exec('git commit -am "I\'m updating the \\"foo\\" module to be more secure"');
// Skip the extra string escaping with shelljs-exec-proxy!
shell.git.commit('-am', `I'm updating the "foo" module to be more secure`);


Important: This is only available for Node v6+ (it requires ES6 Proxies!)

$ npm install --save shelljs-exec-proxy

Get that JavaScript feeling back in your code

const shell = require('shelljs-exec-proxy');
shell.git.commit('-am', 'Fixed issue #1');
shell.git.push('origin', 'master');

Security improvements

Current versions of ShellJS export the .exec() method, which if not used carefully, could introduce command injection Vulnerabilities to your module. Here's an insecure code snippet:'dir/*.txt').forEach(file => {
  shell.exec('git add ' + file);

This leaves you vulnerable to files like:

Example file name Unintended behavior
File 1.txt This tries to add both File and 1.txt, instead of File 1.txt
foo;rm -rf * This executes both git add foo and rm -rf *, unexpectedly deleting your files!
ThisHas"quotes'.txt This tries running git add ThisHas"quotes'.txt, producing a Bash syntax error

shelljs-exec-proxy solves all these problems:'dir/*.txt').forEach(file => {
Example file name Behavior
File 1.txt Arguments are automatically quoted, so spaces aren't an issue
foo;rm -rf * Only one command runs at a time (semicolons are treated literally) and wildcards aren't expanded
ThisHas"quotes'.txt Quote characters are automatically escaped for you, so there are never any issues