Site Analyzer api nodejs module

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Site Analyzer

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Site Analyzer api module for nodejs

Site Analyzer API documentation:

This software is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details

Download and Installation

From the command line

$ npm install site-analyzer


dependencies: {
  "site-analyzer": "*$version*",

Example use

var SiteAnalyzer = require('site-analyzer');

var sa = new SiteAnalyzer({
    clientId: 'YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY',
    clientSecret: 'YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET',

sa.pageAnalizer('', function(error, results){
    if(error) return console.error(error);


Initialize Ritetag object:

var SiteAnalyzer = require('ritetag');
var sa = new SiteAnalyzer({
    clientId: 'YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY' || process.env.SiteAnalyzerClientId,
    clientSecret: 'YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET' || process.env.SiteAnalyzerClientSecret,
    debug: false //optional

domainInfo(domain, callback)

Domain Info get data about a domain name : availability, owner, registrar, creation data and expiration data.

sa.domainInfo('', function(error, results){

pageAnalizer(url, callback)

Get data and analyze results from a webpage on several criteria.

sa.pageAnalizer('', function(error, results){

w3cValidation(domain, callback)

sa.w3cValidation('', function(error, results){

urlScreenshot(url, options, callback)

Take screenshot.

Available options:

  • format: screenshot dimension
  • filePath
sa.urlScreenshot('', {format: '768px*1024px', filePath: SCREENSHOT_FILE_PATH} function(error, results){


Api quota status

sa.quota(function(error, results){