CLI tool to generate HTML files for each link defined in sitemap.xml

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Sitemap to HTML

This project is a command line utility that generates HTML snapshots for each URL from sitemap.xml file.

Useful for pre-generating HTML files for website crawlers that do not run javascript.

Just in case you need a quick win and you don't want to rewrite whole stack to be server-side rendered :)


  • npm install sitemap-to-html --save-dev
  • sitemap-to-html --sitemap sitemap.xml --output build

provide a regular sitemap.xml file and output path.

The tool will:

  1. visit link found in sitemap.xml with puppeteer
  2. wait for page to fully load (no network requests for at least 500ms)
  3. create HTML snapshot of loaded page
  4. save it in folder provided in --output flag (it is build folder by default)
  5. goto 1, until all links visited

In case of nested links, for example, the output will be saved in build/home/page/hello.html