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skyglide-npm API access for node


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What is Skyglide?

Skyglide is a wifi mesh network service by Lossless GmbH. It is designed to prevent single points of failure. It allows failover redundency with multiple internet providers. is a perfect fit for local on site networks that require reliabe HD AV streaming to multiple subscribers.

Cloud Configuration access points are managed through the cloud dashboard. You can devide them into multiple networks or unify them as one. A network can consist of up to 100 Access points currently. Access points can span a local network around the globe. That means any Access Point does need an internet connection either through the LAN port or wirelessly through another local mesh device. However when connected to the internet it doesn't matter where the access point is located. This allows global companies to have one VPN spanning across all their locations world wide.

About this library

This library (once finished) will allow you to easily talk to the skyglide network from node to integrate access point behaviour with existing applications (e.g. LDAP sync for intranet resource access).

Skyglide bundles

a medium service plan will be bundled at no additional cost with

  • any enterprise music streaming packages.
  • any enterprise static hosting packages.

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