Ember CLI Addon - Provides and registers test helpers for use in the testing of your application

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What is sl-ember-test-helpers

This addon provides and registers test helpers for use in the testing of your application. This addon is compatible with QUnit, Mocha, and any other testing framework you wish to use (or at least should be).

Provided helpers



Emulates the beginning and completion of an AJAX request or requests.

  • Ajax.begin() triggers the ajaxStart event on the document
  • Ajax.begin( 'endpointValue' ) triggers the ajaxSend event on the document, passing the supplied endpoint value
  • Ajax.end() triggers the ajaxStop event on the document
  • Ajax.end( 'endpointValue' ) triggers the ajaxComplete event on the document, passing the supplied endpoint value


contains( valuesUnderTest, valuesToTestFor );

Determine whether values are contained in other values. These values can be a combination of Arrays, Strings, or Objects (for which the keys are extracted). All valuesToTestFor must exist in valuesUnderTest for this determination to pass successfully.

Calls to contains() return a boolean which can then be used in your tests.

This call would fail because the Object being tested does not contain keys matching the values of "a" and "b":

contains( { c: 1, b: 3 }, [ 'a', 'b' ] );

This call would pass because the Array being tested contains the value of "b":

contains( [ 'a', 'b' ], 'b' );


Use this helper to test that an argument passed to a function is of the required type(s). The first argument is the function under test and the second argument is an array of types to test for.

requires( functionUnderTest, [ 'string', 'object', 'function' ] );


  • number
  • string
  • array
  • object
  • function
  • undefined
  • boolean

The call to requires returns an object:

    requires: <boolean: true if functionUnderTest requires the provided arguments, false if not>
    messages: <string: message per argument type that failed>

Global Libraries

Use this helper in your unit tests to determine if a component called globally-scoped Ember.$, $ or jQuery. You must wrap your component with references to the setup and removal functions.

const component = this.subject();


globalLibraries.triggerEvents( component );

    'There are no references to Ember.$, $ or jQuery'


The triggerEvents() function takes a component as an argument and triggers the following events on it: willInsertElement, didInsertElement, willClearRender and willDestroyElement. Triggering of the various events will ensure code that has handlers attached to those events will be exercised, making the helper more effective at detecting global references.

The call to called() returns a boolean that is the result of the sinon spies detecting Ember.$, $, or jQuery. Validate false to verify that the code within the component does not have global references to Ember.$, $ or jQuery.

<boolean: true if the spy detects a reference to the global scope, false if not>



See description in Synchronous section


See description in Synchronous section


See description in Synchronous section


There are several utility functions provided in the /test-support/helpers/sl/utils/utils.js file that, while used internally by the helpers themselves, can be imported as needed for use. These include:

  • convertToArray()
  • convertStringToArray()
  • convertObjectKeysToArray()
  • doArraysIntersect()

How to use this addon in your application


ember install sl-ember-test-helpers

If running Synchronous tests, such as Unit Tests

For each test helper you wish to use, you will need to import them into each individual Unit Tests. For example:

import { contains } from '../../helpers/sl/synchronous';

If running Asynchronous tests, such as Acceptance Tests

Installing this addon via the ember install:addon command will automatically run the generator, which will make changes to the following files:

  • tests/helpers/start-app.js
  • tests/.jshintrc

If your application is under source control management, such as via Git, make sure to commit these changes.

The generator makes changes to the above files assuming the structure of them has not changed much from the default version created during the initial Ember application creation. If too many changes have been made you will need to manually make the changes below:

  • Add import slRegisterTestHelpers from './sl/register-test-helpers'; to the beginning of the tests/helpers/start- app.js file
  • In the tests/helpers/start-app.js file, place slRegisterTestHelpers(); before the application. injectTestHelpers() line
  • Add "contains", to the predef section of the /tests/.jshintrc file

Generated documentation

This addon leverages the ember-cli-jsdoc addon. Simply run either ember ember-cli-jsdoc or npm run docs (shortcut setup in this repo) and then visit http://localhost:4200/docs.


Employs Semantic Versioning 2.0.0



Copyright and License

sl-ember-test-helpers and its source files are Copyright © 2014-2015 SoftLayer Technologies, Inc.. The software is MIT Licensed


This software is provided “as is” and without any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.