Small script to control talking as Slackbot

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This is a small library/script to control talking as Slackbot.

Quick Start

npm install -g slack-say

You'll need to create config.json (there's a sample included) in order to set your URL, Slackbot token, and default channel. To find out the path you need to use, simply run slack-say and it'll tell you in its error:

Unhandled rejection Error: ENOENT, lstat '/Users/drarok/.nvm/v0.10.37/lib/node_modules/slack-say/config.json'

Once you've created your config file, slack-say will give you a brief usage example:

slack-say <message> [channel]

You can optionally specify a channel:

slack-say 'Hello, World!' '#general'

Or indeed a username:

slack-say 'Hello, World!' '@colleague'