The (un)official Sass Version of Skeleton (2.0.4): A Dead Simple, Responsive Boilerplate for Mobile-Friendly Development

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Skeleton-Sass is the (un)official Sass version of Dave Gamache's Skeleton Framework. It currently featues a stable version of Skeleton 2.0.4

Skeleton is a simple, responsive boilerplate to kickstart any responsive project.

Check out for documentation and details.

Getting started

Install Global Dependancies

Install Local Dependancies

  • Download zip, clone the repo or npm install slender-skeleton-scss from your terminal
  • cd to project folder
  • run [sudo] npm install (first time users)
  • run grunt (to watch and compile sass files)

What's in the download?

The download includes Skeleton's CSS, Normalize CSS as a reset, a sample favicon, and an index.html as a starting point.

├── index.html
├── scss/
│   └── skeleton.scss
├── images/
│   └── favicon.png
├── package.json
├── Gruntfile.js


The goal of Skeleton-Sass is to have a mirrored Sass repository of Skeleton. In order to keep the integrity of the original Skeleton framework, I cannot accept any features or functionality outside the original implementation of Dave Gamache's Skeleton Framework. If you would like to see features, functionality, or extensions outside of the original please make a PR / or issue on the original skeleton framework.

If you have sass improvements, additional mixins, or other helpful sass techniques that stay within the original codebase. Feel free to make a pull request!

Why it's awesome

Skeleton is lightweight and simple. It styles only raw HTML elements (with a few exceptions) and provides a responsive grid. Nothing more.

  • Minified, it's less than a kb
  • It's a starting point, not a UI framework
  • No compiling or installing...just vanilla CSS

Browser support

  • Chrome latest
  • Firefox latest
  • Opera latest
  • Safari latest
  • IE latest

The above list is non-exhaustive. Skeleton works perfectly with almost all older versions of the browsers above, though IE certainly has large degradation prior to IE9.


All parts of Skeleton-sass are free to use and abuse under the open-source MIT license.


Skeleton was built using Sublime Text 3 and designed with Sketch. The typeface Raleway was created by Matt McInerney and Pablo Impallari. Code highlighting by Google's Prettify library. Icons in the header of the documentation are all derivative work of icons from The Noun Project. Feather by Zach VanDeHey, Pen (with cap) by Ed Harrison, Pen (with clicker) by Matthew Hall, and Watch by Julien Deveaux. Spoqa Han Sans


Skeleton was created by Dave Gamache for a better web.

Skeleton-Sass was created by Seth Coelen for a better Skeleton.

Slender-Skeleton-Sass was created by ChangJoo Park for a more better Skeleton.