Handles command annotation and parameter processing.

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smart-command is a Node.js command processor that makes your job easy when controlling parameter obligatoriness and responses.

This package was made to be used with Rage:MP, a multi-player modification for Grand Theft Auto V but is not restricted to it.



Take this example as hypothetical.

var playerCommands = Scope.get('player');
playerCommands.addCommnand('ban', {
  target: 'Word',
  time: 'Number',
  reason: { type: 'Phrase', required: false }
}, function(source, parameters) {
  var source_player = source.player;
  var target_player = mp.players.get(;

  source.respond(`Admin ${} has banned ${}!`);
  if(parameters.reason) {
    source.respond(`Reason ${parameters.reason}`);

// called when a player enters a command
function onPlayerCommand(player, text) {
    player: player,
    respond: text => { player.send(text) }
  }, text);

Input command

/ban WeirdNewbie 10 "Called another player a \"Dum-Dum\""

Possible output

Admin Candy has banned WeirdNewbie
Reason Called another player a "Dum-Dum"

Parameter Types

Parameter types are configured when a command is being defined (Scope.addCommand). A parameter type must be an object with the keys being the parameter names - later to be pushed to the handler as an argument - and values as:

  • string: when a parameter is mandatory, the value must be a string containing the parameter parser name.
  • object of { type: String, required: Boolean }: When the obligatoriness of the parameter must be specified.

Note: A nonrequired parameter must always follow a required one and never the opposite.


Parses a number and trims the result. Will fail if any non-numeric character is input or it contains nothing.


Parses a word, or any piece of text which does not contain whitespace. Will fail if the input text is blank.


Parses a double quote enclosed text and watches out for escaped double quotes. As shown in the example above.

License: MIT