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React Components Library Boilerplate

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Simple boilerplate for easy creation of own react components library.

Basic usage

  1. Clone this repo using
git clone <my-awesome-lib>
  1. Remove .git directory
rm -rf .git
  1. Personalize package.json. Changes:
  • Name
  • Author
  • Repository
  • Licence
  1. Initialize git and commit your changes


  • Typescript
  • TSLint & Prettier (with airbnb config)
  • Jest for testing (Enzyme + jest-image-snapshot) (one note: it would be better to use one machine to update and compare image snapshot since rendering can be a bit different from platform to platform)
  • Webpack 4
  • Storybook for components demo
  • CSS Modules (SCSS supported)
  • Example component


  1. yarn start - run storybook for development and demo
  2. yarn build:storybook - build components demo with docs
  3. yarn build - build package
  4. yarn lint - lints components code
  5. yarn test - perform all tests. (storybook demo should be started using 1st command)
  6. yarn format - format code using prettier


react-components-library-boilerplate is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.