Command line tool for creating pull requests on CodeCommit

Usage no npm install needed!

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Trello card ➡️ CodeCommit Pull Request ➡️ Slack message


npm install --global sme-create-pr

Create a create-pr.json file in your home directory.

  "trello": {
    "appKey": "....",
    "userToken": "....",
    "boards": {
      "sprint": "D2quJQE7",
      "bugs": "k7zvcnbs"
  "codeCommit": {
    "region": "eu-west-1",
    "remote": "origin",
    "targetBranch": "developers"
  "slack": {
    "token": "....",
    "channel": "pull-requests"

Get the Trello app key from the admin and your user token at this url.

Generate a Slack token from this url. Scroll down to Legacy token generator (you must be signed in).


In the project directory run sme-create-pr. You must follow a specific naming conventions for Git branches in order for this to work. That is developerName/sprint|bug/trelloCardNumber.

Per-project configuration

You can create another create-pr.json file in your project directory, with configurations you want to override.

For instance, let's assume you globally merge PRs into developers branch but for one specific project you need to merge PRs into the master branch. Then you create a create-pr.json file in your project directory with the following content.

  "codeCommit": {
    "targetBranch": "master"