Stream client for Snapkite Engine.

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Snapkite Stream Client

This helper library handles stream of tweets sent using Socket.IO by Snapkite Engine.


npm install --save snapkite-stream-client


var SnapkiteStreamClient = require('snapkite-stream-client');

initializeStream() or initialiseStream()

Connects to Snapkite Engine and invokes callback function on receiving new tweet:

SnapkiteStreamClient.initializeStream(callback, options);

Callback function should handle tweet object:

function callback(tweet) {
  // ... handle tweet object

options object:

  hostname: 'localhost',
  port: 3000,
  delayInMilliseconds: 1500,
  cacheNumberOfTweets: 20
  • hostname

    Default: localhost.

  • port

    Default: 3000.

  • delayInMilliseconds

    Tweets can arrive at a very fast pace, so to prevent that you can set the minimum delay between tweets. Delay is set in milliseconds.

    Default: 1500

  • cacheNumberOfTweets

    If you set a delay between receiving new tweets, you might want to cache them. Tweets that are not cached will be dropped.

    Default: 20


Disconnect from Snapkite Engine.



This library is released under the MIT license.

This software comes with NO WARRANTY, expressed or implied.