Transform Markdown into HTML.

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Snarkdown npm

Snarkdown is a dead simple 1kb Markdown parser.

It's designed to be as minimal as possible, for constrained use-cases where a full Markdown parser would be inappropriate.


  • Fast: since it's basically one regex and a huge if statement
  • Tiny: it's 1kb of gzipped ES3
  • Simple: pass a Markdown string, get back an HTML string

Note: Tables are not yet supported. If you love impossible to read regular expressions, submit a PR!

Note on XSS: Snarkdown doesn't sanitize HTML, since its primary target usage doesn't require it.

Demos & Examples


Snarkdown exports a single function, which parses a string of Markdown and returns a String of HTML. Couldn't be simpler.

The snarkdown module is available in every module format you'd ever need: ES Modules, CommonJS, UMD...

import snarkdown from 'snarkdown';

let md = '_this_ is **easy** to `use`.';
let html = snarkdown(md);
// <em>this</em> is <strong>easy</strong> to <code>use</code>.

Add-ons and Libraries