A pre-configured template for Snowpack with React, TypeScript, and TailwindCSS

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Hugo's Snowpack React + Typescript + Tailwind Template

Built off of @snowpack/app-template-react-typescript.

Demo at

Getting Started

  1. yarn start
  2. yarn start

NPM Scripts

  • start will open a browser tab at localhost:8080
  • build builds to build/
  • test runs tests. Note that you need to add a -- before additional cli parameters when running this script through npm. e.g. npm test -- --watch
  • generate-css-types will generate Typescript types based on tailwind.config.js (and output to src/tailwindcss-classnames.ts). Use this script when you alter the tailwind config. It runs after npm installation by default.


Changes from @snowpack/app-template-react-typescript include:

  • addition of tailwindcss, tailwindcss-classnames, and their dependencies
  • modification of Typescript baseUrl (from ./ to ./src)
  • usage of experimental skypack source in snowpack.config.js


Besides the ability to use tailwind directives as usual, this template uses tailwindcss-classnames to allow type-checked usage and composition of tailwind classnames outside of the className prop.

The generate-css-types npm script connects this tool to the customizations you make in tailwind.config.js

For instance:

// Note: imports from src/tailwindcss-classnames, not the actual npm package. See compilerOptions.baseUrl in tsconfig.json
import { classnames } from 'tailwindcss-classnames';

const bg = classnames('bg-ch-pink');

const Example = () => (
  <p className={classnames(bg, 'text-black')}>
    Tailwind, with built-in tooling for custom configs

This pairs extremely well with the Tailwindcss IntelliSense package.

Why Skypack?

  1. It makes the dev server's startup time ludicrous
  2. It's super easy to disable (remove or comment out the experimental portion of snowpack.config.js)


Remove yarn.lock if you want to switch package managers (i.e. npm, etc)