Minimalistic Rest client for the Discord Api

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A minimalistic rest client for the discord api

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Part of the WeatherStack

SnowTransfer is a small library specially made to only cover the REST/HTTP area of the discord api. It makes no assumptions about the rest of your stack, therefore you can use it anywhere as long as you use node 8 or higher.

Some of the things that make SnowTransfer awesome:

  • No requirement for other components
  • Full coverage of the discord rest api
  • Well documented

General Usecase:

SnowTransfer is not your everyday library, especially compared to other libraries, it makes sense to use it when you:

  • Want to build a microservice based bot, where casual discord libraries would not be suitable since they assume the availability of other components like a gateway or a cache
  • Only need a simple rest client that can be wrapped easily.

Microservice Bots:

I've written a general whitepaper on the idea of microservice bots, which you can find on gist: Microservice Bot Whitepaper


You can find the docs at


To install SnowTransfer, make sure that you have node 8 or higher and npm installed on your computer.

Then run the following command in a terminal npm install snowtransfer


const { SnowTransfer } = require('snowtransfer');
const client = new SnowTransfer('DISCORD BOT TOKEN');
const request = async () => {
    const message = await'channel id', 'hi there');
request().then(() => {
    // message was sent to discord
}).catch(e => {
    // an error occurred