Node.js implementation of the sobel operator (edge detection)

Usage no npm install needed!

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Sobel Operator

Node.js implementation of the Sobel Operator (Sobel-Feldman operator)

  • Edge Detection (sharp changes in contrast)
  • Standard Sobel X/Y kernels
  • Fast (I was able to process 3 million pixels per second on a laptop)

Currently this is only a CLI application, however its code shouldnt be very difficult to implement elsewhere.

node sobel.js input.png output.png


Y y X x


Install the CLI

npm install sobel-cli -g

Give it a try!

node /root/nodejs/sobelOperator/sobel.js tests/nyc.png result.png

Example of the Sobel Operator

Note: This image is very large however it still only took a few seconds to process on a small server.

unprocessed processed