mongoose plugin for timestamps and soft delete.

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Mongoose Soft Delete

mongoose-soft-delete is simple and lightweight plugin that enables some basic required functionality for mongoose.


  • Soft Delete document using destroy method.
Methods and Fields Description
destroy() method on document (do not override standard remove() method)
deleted (true-false) key on document
deletedAt Add key to store time of deletion
  • Restore deleted documents using restore method
Feature Description
Bulk destroy and restore Bulk Destroy
Option to override static methods count, countDocuments, find, findOne, findOneAndUpdate, update
Disable model validation on destroy Disable Validation
Option to create index on destroy fields deleted, deletedAt, deletedBy


Install using npm

npm install mongoose-soft-delete



const mongooseSoftDelete = require('mongoose-soft-delete');

const TestSchema = new Schema({
  name: String

// Apply on specific model.
// Can apply globally : eg: mongoose.plugin(mongooseSoftDelete, {})
TestSchema.plugin(mongooseSoftDelete, {
  paranoid: true,

const Test = mongoose.model('Test', TestSchema);


paranoid : it needs to be true for soft deletion.

Simple usage

const test = new Test({ name: 'Test' }); {
  test.destroy(function() {
    // deleted: true
    test.restore(function() {});
    //deleted: false

var exampleTestId = mongoose.Types.ObjectId('53da93b16b4a6670076b16bf');

Get sot soft deleted data.

// pass *{ paranoid: false }* as option.
// This will return response including deleted documents.
test.find({ name: 'Arpit' }, null, { paranoid: false }, (err, user) => {});

Bulk destroy and restore

var idUser = mongoose.Types.ObjectId("53da93b16b4a6670076b16bf");

// destroy multiple object, callback
Test.destroy(function (err, result) { ... });
Test.destroy({age:10}, function (err, result) { ... });

// destroy multiple object, promise
Test.destroy().exec(function (err, result) { ... });
Test.destroy({age:10}).exec(function (err, result) { ... });

// Restore multiple object, callback
Test.restore(function (err, result) { ... });
Test.restore({age:10}, function (err, result) { ... });

// Restore multiple object, promise
Test.restore().exec(function (err, result) { ... });
Test.restore({age:10}).exec(function (err, result) { ... });

Create index on fields

TestSchema.plugin(mongooseSoftDelete, { indexFields: true });

// Index only specific fields
TestSchema.plugin(mongooseSoftDelete, {
  indexFields: ['deleted', 'deletedBy']
// or
TestSchema.plugin(mongooseSoftDelete, { indexFields: ['deletedAt'] });

Method overridden

We have the option to override all standard methods or only specific methods. Overridden methods will exclude deleted documents from results, documents that have deleted = true. Every overridden method will have two additional methods, so we will be able to work with deleted documents.

NOTE : Method will be overridden if paranoid is true

only not deleted documents