Local package manager for web

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Sopa is a local package manager. You can imagine it was a local version of bower.

Getting Start


$ npm install sopa -g

Pull package

To use sopa, the first thing you need to do is setting the components dir use set-dir:

$ sopa set-dir ~/sopa_components

The dir is a place where store all your packages pull from web.

Now I pull the jQuery from cdnjs (, for example.

Firstly I search jQuery on cdnjs and copy the static file url. Here I found is a version of 2.1.3 js file - //

So I need to pull this file:

$ sopa pull jquery@2.1.3@js //

jquery is the package name you defined and 2.1.3 is the version of the package. Note that you are required a file type ( js or *css ).

Install package

Now I need to install jQuery which I'd pulled from cdnjs at current folder.

$ sopa install jquery@2.1.3@js javascripts

The last command is the folder you wanna install the static file into.


Sometimes you may wanna list what packages you had pull or what version you'd pull. Sopa has a command help you list it:

$ sopa ls

If you wanna show what jQuery version you'd pulled, you can:

$ sopa ls jquery


The reason why I create Sopa is my college always limit my data whithin 9 GB per month. Everytime I bower install or npm install cost much data. So I made Sopa.


It named Sopa, in memory of my idol Aaron Swartz, who againsted SOPA.