3NWeb spec server.

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  import spec3nwebServer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/spec-3nweb-server';


Spec Server

This repository contains 3NWeb protocols' specification test suite and a single-machine server implementation, conforming to spec's suite. Thus, we call it a spec server.

Main purpose of this server is to ensure that 3NWeb protocols are implementable, and to be a testbed for possible new features. Secondary purpose of this server is to be packagable into a home-class server, i.e. server that can be run from a single machine.


To use this repo, you need Node.js with Typescript, installed globally to Node.js (with flag -g).

When in the project's folder, run

npm ci

to pull in all necessary dependencies. Note that option ci brings exact versions, mentioned in package-lock.json, while option i (install) may get other versions, based on ranges in package.json.

After that, run npm scripts:

npm run test

to build everything and to run test suites. Or,

npm run build

to just do built.

Tests are written with Jasmine. Config file is src/tests/jasmine.ts.

Please note, that support for running server on windows hasn't been introduced, yet.


Code is provided here under GNU General Public License, version 3.

All protocols (spec API calls to server) are free for anyone to use, to implement, to do anything with it. We specifically do not subscribe to USA's court's concept that API is copyrightable.