A React component that adds a Splash Screen to your app.

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🌊 Splashr

A React component that takes the effort out of adding a Splash Screen to your web application.

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New in Version 0.3.x

  • Support for React Suspense and lazy loading of components (see below for details)!


$ npm i splashr


$ yarn add splashr

⚠️ Note: Splashr has a peerDependency on React 16.8.0 or greater.

Basic Usage

Here is a simple example use of Splashr.

import Splashr from 'splashr';

const splash = (
  <div className="splash-screen">
    Welcome to my app

const App = () => (
  <Splashr splash={splash}>
    <div className="app">
      This is my app.


Here are some of the props that you can use to customize Splashr. (* = required)

Parameter Description
splash* Your rendered splash screen.
children* Your app.
minDelay How long to show the splash screen in msecs. Default = 2000
extend A boolean that will extend the splash screen. Set to true to extend the splash screen past minDelay, maybe to load a resource. Default = false.
transitionTime By default, Splashr will transition between the splash screen and your app. This value will set the transition time in msecs. To disable the transition, set transitionTime to 0. Default = 700
transitionTimingFunction The string representing the timing function to perform on the transition. Default = "ease"


Starting with version 0.3.0, there is support for React Suspense and lazy loading.

Let's say you lazy load some components. With Suspense, the splash screen will remin visible for at least 2 seconds (by default, or whatever value you speify in minDelay), but possibly longer if the components have yet to load. This is very useful for slower 2G/3G connections on mobile devices.

One might do this to get the splash screen rendered as soon as possible while the rest of the app is sill loading (or First Meaningful Paint).

To support Suspense, simply change <Splashr> to <Splashr.Suspense>. All props are supported except extend, which is ignored with <Splashr.Suspense>.

import Splashr from 'splashr';

const OtherComponent = React.lazy(() => import('./OtherComponent'));
const AnotherComponent = React.lazy(() => import('./AnotherComponent'));

const splash = (
  <div className="splash-screen">
    Welcome to my app

const App = () => (
  <Splashr.Suspense splash={splash}>
    <div className="app">
      <OtherComponent />
      <AnotherComponent />

Why not just use React's Suspense?

Splashr.Suspense is simular to React's built-in Suspense (in fact it's built on top of it), but supports a smooth transition between the splash screen and the rest of the app. it also supports a minDelay, which React's Suspense does not.

Sample Apps

Here is a list of apps build with Splashr. If you have an app you would like to include on this list, open a PR.


MIT Licensed


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

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Donavon West

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