IEBH-SRA tool to deduplicate reference libraries

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This module is part of the Bond University Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice Systematic Review Assistant suite of tools.

This module forms the reference library deduplication tool.

The previous version of this module was PHP based, this version is NodeJS and is intended to be used as part of a suite - i.e. this module cannot do data access by itself and forms only the most atomic of deduplication operations.

See the reflib-cli project for a command line version of this module.

See the sra-dedupe-ui project for a graphical user interface version of this module.

var dedupeLib = require('sra-dedupe');
var dedupe = dedupeLib();
var refs = [ /* get reference library somehow */ ];

    .on('dupe', function(ref1, ref2, result) {
        console.log('Duplicate', ref1.recNumber, ref2.recNumber, result);
    .on('end', function() { /* Do something when finished */ }


The source code of the module has more detail including valid parameters and returns from each function. Below is a summary of the available APIs for brief reference.


Initialize the object with the given settings. You can also set settings directly via the object.


Attempt to locate and extract a DOI from a reference The DOI could be located in the DOI field or stored as a URL within the url array, ref2)

Examine two inputs and decide if they are duplicate references.


Asynchronously compare all entities within a collection firing emitters as duplicates are found. This function uses a lazy Cartesian product iterator to optimize the stack when iterating.