standardised schema definitions for JSON validation of ssb references

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SSB Schema Definitions

Standardised schema definitions for SSB messages when using is-my-json-valid.

Example Usage

const Definitions = require('ssb-schema-definitions')
const Validator = require('is-my-json-valid')

const schema = {
  $schema: '',
  type: 'object',
  required: ['type', 'tangles'],
  properties: {
    type: {
      type: 'string',
      pattern: '^profile/.*

    preferredName: { type: 'string' },
    avatarImage: { $ref: '#/definitions/image' }, // << reference a definition
    tangles: {
      group: { $ref: '#/definitions/tangle/any' },
      profile: { $ref: '#/definitions/tangle/root' }
    recps: { $ref: '#/definitions/recipients/box2' }
  additionalProperties: false,
  definitions: Definitions() // attach the definitions

const isValid = Validator(schema)

// isValid(msgContent) => Boolean
// isValid.errors => null | [Errors]


Definitions() => Object

The definitions is a getter (function) so that you can pull it and mutate it awithout getting into trouble.

To see what definitions are available check out index.js.

You can also see examples of how to use most of the definitions in the tests/ folder. At time of writing there's good test coverage here for fields:

  • contentWarning
  • image
  • mentions
  • tangle
  • tombstone
  • recps (box1, box2/ envelope)