Stent is combining the ideas of redux with the concept of state machines

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Stent - brings the power of state machines to the web

Stent is combining the ideas of Redux with the concept of state machines.

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A few words about state machines

State machine is a mathematical model of computation. It's an abstract concept where the machine may have different states but at a given time fulfills only one of them. It accepts input and based on that (plus its current state) transitions to another state. Isn't it familiar? Yes, it sounds like a front-end application. That's why this model/concept applies nicely to UI development.

Disclaimer: there are different types of state machines. I think the one that makes sense for front-end development is Mealy state machine.


The library is available as a npm module so npm install stent or yarn add stent will do the job. There's also a standalone version here (only core functionalities) which you can directly add to your page.


Debugging apps made with Stent

Stent is supported by Kuker Chrome extension. Just add the Stent emitter to your app and open the Kuker tab in Chrome's DevTools.


Must-read articles/resources

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