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A few stream helpers, built for Node.js 0.10+ streams ("Streams2").

npm install streaming


new Filter(predicate) inherits stream.Readable

  • _readableState.objectMode: true


new Stringifier(replacer, space) inherits streaming.Splitter

  • objectMode: false
    • _writableState.objectMode: false
    • _readableState.objectMode: true


new Parser() inherits streaming.Splitter

  • objectMode: true


new Mapper(fn) inherits stream.Transform

  • _writableState.objectMode: true
  • _readableState.objectMode: true


new Queue(concurrency, worker) inherits streaming.Mapper

  • _writableState.objectMode: true
  • _readableState.objectMode: true


var streaming = require('streaming');

var lazy_worker = function(task, callback) {
  setTimeout(function() {
    var json = JSON.stringify(task);
    callback(null, json.length + ' after 1s\n');
  }, 1000);

.pipe(new streaming.Splitter())
.pipe(new streaming.Mapper(JSON.parse))
.pipe(new streaming.Queue(5, lazy_worker))


What used to be streaming.Line and Rechunker have been folder into this more generic, more flexible class.

new Splitter(split, opts) inherits stream.Transform


new Timeout(seconds, opts) inherits stream.Transform


new Walk(root) inherits stream.Readable

A streaming.Walk will emit data that are streaming.Walk.Node objects. A Node has two fields, .path, which is relative to the given root, and .stats, which is a fs.Stats object. node.toString() will return node.path.

It recurses the filesystem structure depth-first. If the given root is not a directory, it will only ever emit that file. Otherwise, if root is a directory, it will be emitted as a data point (just like all other directories under root as it comes to them). The directory entry itself will always immediately precede its children. The order of children is taken exactly as they produced by fs.readdir, which seems to be undefined or maybe by creation date (newest first).

fs.Stats has helper functions .isFile() and .isDirectory(), so we can print the paths only files (ignoring directories) like this:

var streaming = require('streaming');

var walk = new streaming.Walk('/usr/local');
walk.on('error', function(err) {
  console.error('error', err);
  if (err.code == 'EACCES') {
    // if the error is just "access denied", ignore both the error and the file.
    // call resume() to carry on as if nothing had happened
  else {
    console.error('Critical error; not resuming.');
walk.on('data', function(node) {
  // just skip over directories:
  if (node.stats.isFile()) {

stream.Transform(opts) results:

opts. decodeStrings opts. objectMode _writableState. decodeStrings _writableState. objectMode _readableState. objectMode
true true true true true
false true false true true
undefined true true true true
true false true false false
false false false false false
undefined false true false false
true undefined true false false
false undefined false false false
undefined undefined true false false

(Only _writableState has a decodeStrings field.)


Copyright 2013-2015 Christopher Brown. MIT Licensed.