Remove leading directory components from a path, like tar's --strip-components option

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Remove leading directory components from a path, like tar(1)'s --strip-components option

const stripDirs = require('strip-dirs');

stripDirs('foo/bar/baz', 1); //=> 'bar/baz'
stripDirs('foo/bar/baz', 2); //=> 'baz'
stripDirs('foo/bar/baz', 999); //=> 'baz'


Use npm.

npm install strip-dirs


const stripDirs = require('strip-dirs');

stripDirs(path, count [, option])

path: string (A relative path)
count: integer (>= 0)
option: Object
Return: string

It removes directory components from the beginning of the path by count.

const stripDirs = require('strip-dirs');

stripDirs('foo/bar', 1); //=> 'bar'
stripDirs('foo/bar/baz', 2); //=> 'bar'
stripDirs('foo/././/bar/./', 1); //=> 'bar'
stripDirs('foo/bar', 0); //=> 'foo/bar'

stripDirs('/foo/bar', 1) // throw an error because the path is an absolute path

If you want to remove all directory components certainly, use path.basename instead of this module.


Type: boolean
Default: false

By default, it keeps the last path component when path components are fewer than the count.

If this option is enabled, it throws an error in this situation.

stripDirs('foo/bar/baz', 9999); //=> 'baz'

stripDirs('foo/bar/baz', 9999, {disallowOverflow: true}); // throws an range error


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