A visual suite for the StrongLoop API Platform

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StrongLoop Arc

StrongLoop Arc was formerly known as Studio.

Please see the official documentation.

For information on using with the StrongLoop Process Manager, see


Prerequisite: You must have Node.js installed.

Install using npm as follows:

$ npm install -g strongloop


1. Create a new LoopBack project by running the following in your terminal:

$ slc loopback my-loopback-application

2. In the application root directory, start the Arc using the slc arc command.

$ cd my-loopback-application
$ slc arc

StrongLoop Arc will open in your default browser.

Developer Guide

This information is for developers contributing to the strong-arc project itself. For information on using Arc to develop APIs and applications, see the official documentation.


Commits to the production branch trigger a build and publish to Previous releases are available at$VERSION.tgz

Updating angular services for loopback-workspace

Angular services are automatically generated via gulp build which is called during npm install.

$ npm install