Generates symbol-based SVG spritemap from all .svg files in a directory

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SVG Spritemap Webpack Plugin

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This webpack plugin generates a single SVG spritemap containing multiple <symbol> elements from all .svg files in a directory. In addition, it can optimize the output and can also generate a stylesheet containing the sprites to be used directly from CSS. Chris Coyier has a good write-up about the why's and how's of this technique on CSS Tricks. Use it in combination with the svg4everybody package to easily and correctly load SVGs from the spritemap in all browsers.


npm install svg-spritemap-webpack-plugin --save-dev


Webpack configuration
This plugin can be added to webpack like any other, documentation on all configuration options is available.

const SVGSpritemapPlugin = require('svg-spritemap-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
    // ...
    plugins: [
        new SVGSpritemapPlugin()

SVG element
When there's a file phone.svg in the source directory and the prefix option is set to sprite- (default), the sprite can be included in a HTML-file like so:

    <use xlink:href="/path/to/spritemap.svg#sprite-phone"></use>


SVG for Everybody adds SVG External Content support to all browsers.

It's a good idea to combine the svg-spritemap-webpack-plugin with svg4everybody. This can be done by passing an options object or true to the svg4everybody options key or by executing SVG4Everybody manually.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.