Sync changes in your GitHub repository to

Usage no npm install needed!

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sync-glitch-cli npm build status codecov greenkeeper status

Sync changes in your GitHub repository to

It pushes changes from a GitHub repository to It does NOT pull changes from to GitHub. If you want to sync two-way between a Glitch and a GitHub repository, Please consider to use garethx/glitch-github-sync.

Heads-up! It uses undocumented API so it can be changed without any notice. However, I am making efforts to know whether it works or not with test-sync-glitch-cli. It executes test every day with TravisCI. It helps my recognise as soon as possible if it could be wrong. I am looking forward to official API. :unicorn:


npm install sync-glitch-cli --save-dev


How to get required environment variables

  1. Open your project on Glitch

  2. Open devtool and click the Network tab

  3. Select Project name > Advanced Options > Import from GitHub

  4. You can find a request URL which starts from ~:


  5. It has three params. These params are what you need.

How to set environment variables

You have to set the following environment variables:

  • GLITCH_PROJECT_ID (the Glitch project id.)
  • GLITCH_TOKEN (the Glitch token)
  • GH_REPO (the GitHub repo. e.g sotayamashita/sync-glitch-cli)
GLITCH_PROJECT_ID='' GLITCH_TOKEN='' GH_REPO='' ./node_modules/.bin/sync-glitch

Enable debug logs:

GLITCH_PROJECT_ID='' GLITCH_TOKEN='' GH_REPO='' DEBUG=sync-glitch* ./node_modules/.bin/sync-glitch

with Travis CI

# .travis.yml
  - sync-glitch

Enable debug logs:

# .travis.yml
  - DEBUG=sync-glitch* sync-glitch


  • Ensure your repository is NOT empty