A mailer library with nunjucks templating support

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  import templateMailer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/template-mailer';


Template Mailer

Template mailer allow you to send messages by using template files. This module uses nunjucks templating library and mandrill transactional mail service.

npm install template-mailer


var send = require('template-mailer')({
    email_dir: '/emails',
    mandrill_key: "xxxxxxxxxx"

    file_name: 'mymsg.html',
    to_name: 'John Doe',
    to_email: 'john.doe@example.com',
    from_name: 'Gloria Doe',
    from_email: 'gloria.doe@example.com',
    subject: 'Dear Bro, You are popular',
    data: {
        prop1: 'value',
        prop2: 'value 2'
}).then(function (resp) {
    console.log('Success: ', resp)
    console.log("Error: ", err);

The module requires the following properties to initialize it

  • email_dir (required): The directory where your nunjucks email files are located.
  • mandrill_key (required): Your mandril API key

The send() function takes an object with the following properties:

  • file_name (required): This is the name of the file (email content) to send. This file can be a nunjucks template file or just a regular file. Data can be passed to the template using the data property described below.

  • to_name (required, type=string): The name of the receiver

  • to_email (required, type=string): The email of the receiver

  • from_name (required, type=string): The name of the sender

  • from_email (required), type=string: The email of the sender

  • subject (required, type=string): The subject of the message

  • data: (optional, type=object): The data to pass to the template

Because we use Nunjucks as our template library, you can use includes and blocks in your email files to create more complex email contents.