Three-Eyed Raven's library allow to migrate, snapshot and restore database

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ThreeEyedRaven91's ter-data-migration

A cool tools for migrate data from a database (maybe staging or development environment) to other database (production or staging)

You will never miss anything again.

How to use


npm install -g ter-data-migration

# or

yarn global add ter-data-migration


Create .tdm_config folder

mkdir .tdm_config
cd .tdm_config

Create profile.json file

    "profiles": {
        "development": {
            "database": "your_database",
            "user": "your_user",
            "password": "your_password",
            "dialect": "mysql or something else",
            "host": "your_mysql_host"
        "staging": {
            "database": "your_database",
            "user": "your_user",
            "password": "your_password",
            "dialect": "mysql or something else",
            "host": "your_mysql_host"
    "default": "development"


# backup

ter-data-migration backup
ter-data-migration backup --source=development

# restore

ter-data-migration restore
ter-data-migration restore --target=staging

# migrate

ter-data-migration migrate --source=development --target=staging

# help

ter-data-migration --help


Option Short Meaning Example
source -s Define source environment (not working with restore) ter-data-migration backup --source=development
target -t Define target environment (not working with backup) ter-data-migration restore --target=development
include -i Only backup / restore with following tables ter-data-migration backup --include=Users,Projects
exclude -e Exclude tables backup / restore. Not working if include appear ter-data-migration backup --exclude=Logs,PasswordReset

See result

Everything in your db is exported with ${table_name}.json


Version Function Status
0.1.x Read from profile (with default config) and run export to json Done
0.2.x Read from profile (with default config) and restore from json Done
0.3.x Add params profile, allow include or exclude tables Done
0.4.x Add params from, to and migration from profile to profile Done
0.5.x Add scenario file To do
0.6.x Provide API to programmatically migration, backup, restore To do
0.7.x Provide init command allow create profile.json To do