Terminate all children for a process

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Terminate all children for a process.


npm install terminate-children


terminate(pid: number, options?: object): Promise<number[]>

Takes in the pid of the parent process to terminate children processes for, and returns a promise resolving in an array with the pids of the children processes still alive.

By default, unless an options.timeout is passed, the returned promise won't resolve until all children processes have been successfully terminated, hence it will resolve with an empty array.

  • pid: Required, number, the pid of the parent process.
  • options: Optional, object, with optional keys:
    • signal: string, signal to send to children. Default: SIGTERM.
    • interval: number, interval in ms at which to check whether children processes are still alive for the returned promise. Default: 25.
    • timeout: number | null, timeout in ms for the returned promise. If null, the returned promise won't resolve until all processes have been terminated; if 0, it will resolve with the processes pids still alive immediately after the signal has been sent; otherwise, it will resolve with the processes still alive at timeout, if they haven't been all terminated before it is reached. Default: null.
    • filter: Function, filter function for children to send signals to, with signature (pid: number) => boolean.
import terminate from 'terminate-children';

console.log('Sending SIGTERM to children processes');
terminate(process.pid, { timeout: 5000 }).then(arr => {
  // Return if all children processes have terminated
  if (!arr.length) return;

  // Otherwise, we'll send a SIGKILL, as we've already waited for 5 seconds
  console.log('Sending SIGKILL to children processes');
  return terminate(process.pid, { signal: 'SIGKILL' })