Tern plugin for the OpenUI5 framework

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tern-openui5 brings autocomplete functionality for the OpenUI5 framework into your favorite code editor, powered by Tern.

Tern is available for

and more.


tern-openui5 used in combination with Atom, the hackable text editor:



  1. Install Tern

  2. Copy the openui5.js file from this repository into the plugin directory of your tern installation

  3. Configure tern for OpenUI5 support for your project by creating a .tern-project configuration file in the base directory of your project and add openui5 to the plugins. An example .tern-project file could be:

       "ecmaVersion": 5,
       "libs": [
       "plugins": {
         "openui5": {}

Setup in Atom

The setup steps for tern-openui5 in Atom can be made significantly faster and easier by an Atom plugin and npm:

  1. Install the atom-ternjs package in Atom.
    This package ships its own installation of Tern, no need for a separate setup here!

  2. Add the tern-openui5 plugin.
    Either follow the directions from the Setup section and copy the openui5.js file to the tern plugin directory at ~/.atom/packages/atom-ternjs/node_modules/tern/plugin,
    for the extra bit of convenience, install tern-openui5 via npm:

    $ cd ~/.atom/packages/atom-ternjs $ npm install tern-openui5

  3. Configure tern-openui5.
    Create a .tern-project file as described in the Setup section above. For Tern to recognize the newly configured project, restart the Tern server via the menu: Packages > Atom Ternjs > Restart server. Happy Hacking! :-)