A Tern plugin adding support for tabris.

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tern-tabris is a plugin which adds support for tabris.js to the JavaSript code intelligence system Tern.

tern-tabris provides :

  • the tern tabris plugin tabris.js
  • the CodeMirror template lint addon tabris-templates.js for CodeMirror tabris completion templates.
  • the CodeMirror context autocomplete addon context-autocomplete-hint.js for expansion of placeholder variables to strings and triggering autocompletion for functions with string arguments.


You can play with online demo which uses CodeMirror ((inside Web Browser).

You can see Tabris.js Scratchpad - Native Mobile Apps in JavaScript demo at youtube.

You can see demos in this git project with CodeMirror in demos/tabris.html :

Here a screenshot with completion with CodeMorror tabris completion :

CodeMirror & TernTabris

Here a screenshot with completion with Eclipse IDE tabris completion :

Eclipse & TernTabris

If you wish to use Eclipse as IDE, see Eclipse support for tabris.


tern-tabris works with the NodeJS [Tern Server][tern-server], and within a browser.

The easiest way to install tern-tabris is to use a recent version of [npm][npm]. In the directory where you installed the [tern package][tern-npm], simply run

$ npm install tern-tabris

You can find tern-tabris to the npm registry


tabris support tabris.

With Node.js

In order for Tern to load the tern-tabris plugin once it is installed, you must include tabris in the plugins section of your [Tern configuration file][tern-config].

Here is a minimal example .tern-project configuration file:

  "plugins": {
    "tabris": {}

With WebBrowser (CodeMirror)

See demos/tabris.html


The basic structure of the project is given in the following way:

  • tabris.js the tern plugin.
  • demos/ demos with tabris tern plugin which use CodeMirror.
  • test test of the tern plugin.